Show Gratitude & Appreciation Journal & Coloring Pages

Journal & Coloring Page Therapy

Encourage a Positive Attitude in Your Children

This book encourages our children to think about and appreciate the positive things and people in our lives.

They can learn to look outside of themselves if we encourage this and they will experience the joy of giving

This is a 6×9, 122 page Appreciation Book, which encourages your child to look for the good things that happen each day, to note who they helped, and to record their positive feelings.

  • 60 coloring pages – a relaxing therapy –
    • see princesses, animals, and dinosaurs
  • 60 inspirational & encouraging thoughts & quotes
  • 60 journal pages
  • record the people that they help each day
  • record the progress of their feelings

Teach your child to look for the good in each day. Teach them that they can feel happy by helping other people, making the other person smile.