Dinosaur handwriting practice

Practice Handwriting with Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Letters & Numbers Handwriting Sheets & Dinosaur Coloring Pages

by R V Covert (Author)

This is the best way to learn how to write. Help your child with the NAMES of the letters and numbers, and the SOUNDS they make. This method helps them learn because they SEE the letters, they HEAR the letters, and they are TRACING the letters, this is a tactile stimulation of their neural pathways and will aid and reinforce their learning.

This lettering shows which stroke is first or second, and the direction of each stroke, which makes your job of teaching easier.

Each letter has a dinosaur coloring page with its name to trace. This can be used as a reward for their learning to trace each letter.

  • 3 pages each of 26 Letters
  • 2 pages each of 10 numbers, 0-9
  • 26 Dinosaur images for coloring