Phonics Building Blocks

This coloring book can aid your child to learn how to read English. English is very complicated as it is made up of words from many different languages.

There are 134 images to color on 167 pages at 8.5×11 size. Whether you are a young reader or learning English as a second language, ESL, this book can help all beginning english readers.

What are Phonics?

Words are made up of sounds. They are the building blocks of reading. We show children the sound of the letter combinations so they learn how to put the sounds together and can read the words. Phonics Building Blocks teaches children the tools they need to learn to read. Children and adults can learn how to merge separate sounds together to make it one word (for example, blending the sounds k, a, t makes CAT). They recognize similar word families and the sounds they make.

Some people are teaching sight words, and though there may be a limited number of words that could be recognized, ( as “a, the, is…” ) this does not teach children or give them the tools they need to read. Phonics are the tools they need to put letter sounds together to read words.

Your children can pick out the word families and trace the letters in this book. They can color the pictures as a reward. 

Give your children a head start on reading!

Book Sections

  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Consonant Blends
  • Consonant Teams
  • Word Ending Families

To learn to teach with video go to

To hear the pronunciation of words go to

This book contains IPA symbols to help with pronunciation IPA is the international phonetic alphabet created by the international phonetic Association as a guide to standardize speech sounds for the worlds languages

The English UK sounds differ from the English American sounds as can different regional dialect can differ, such as the North East USA versus the Southern USA dialect or as in Texas versus Georgia USA. We will use the American IPA in order to simplify.

Bonus Pages available after purchase of Book

BONUS Word Search Pages – as a Thank You for purchase. Find the password on page 63 of book,

Page Samples